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A full time business since 1985, Jeff and Cindy Kruger have been supplying the finest quality deer and elk leather to people all over the country through mail order and by attending Pow – wows and Festivals in several states. When she was fifteen Cindy and her father joined a wagon train group that traveled and camped in their covered wagons. Eventually Cindy began making clothing for members of the group. By 1985 she had purchased her own Peddlers wagon and was selling a variety of enamelware, pottery, and other old time supplies along with her clothing. Two years later she was able to add the leather dealership to her line. Eventually she met Jeff who was already well established in the leather clothing business. Together they have built Spotted Pony Traders into what it is today. "I believe we have customers in just about every state, and several countries," states Cindy, Besides the deer and elk leather they carry a full line of buckskin dresses, shirts and coats which are all handmade by Jeff and Cindy. Cloth clothing too is also offered in the form of early American drop sleeve shirts, ribbon shirts, drop front pants, breeches and much, much more. This year be sure to see their complete line of products.

Spotted Pony Traders
P.O. Box 68
Hawthorne FL 32640

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