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We carry a wide variety of clothing includig both leather and cloth clothing. Here you can browse our comple clothing product list or you can choose to browse our leather clothing and cloth clothing seperately by selecting from the menu to the right.


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Our leggings are typical of those worn by the Western Plains tribes. Leggings and breechclout were standard for Indians and mountain men alike. The leggings feature double fringe and are tied together with leather laces up the sides. Leggings will be made fuzzy side out unless you specify otherwise.

Price: $140.00 to $185.00 each
Sizes Available:
Small (30, 32) $140.00 each
Medium (34, 36) $150.00 each
Large (38, 40) $165.00 each
XLarge (42) $185.00 each

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Leather Clothing
Cloth Clothing
Reproduction claws and teeth
Beads and Supplies
Skulls and Furs

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Can I order online?

Currently we do not have online ordering. This is primarily due to the nature of our products. We feel it is very important that we talk with you directly to give you the best service possible and to better give you the quality of product you are looking for.

Feel free to browse our "online catalog" and then call us at 352-372-4875 to place your order!

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