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See the bottom of the products for for a list of leather colors. Please note, however, that not all leather products are available in all colors. Also, please read our Leather Information Page.

Frontier Pants Kit

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Now you can put together your own leather clothing from our quality hides to go with all leather clothing. All the hard parts are done for you in our deluxe kits. All parts are cut out, any holes in the hides are patched and all the holes needed for assembly are punched for you. All leather lacing is cut for you and a lacing needle is provided. Detailed instructions are furnished. Watch for new kits in the future.

Specify waist and inseam size, even sizes only!

How Much Leather Does It Take?

Pants take three deerskins, a large one for each leg and a third piece for the fringe and waistband. Two Elk work as well; but one ends up with quite a bit of scrap left over. Three large deer for an average sized pair of pants would be approximately 40 square feet. Two Elk would average about 50 square feet.

Price: $190.00 to $245.00
Pant Kit Sizes Available:
Small (30,32) $190.00 each
Medium (34,36) $200.00 each
Large (38,40) $210.00 each
XLarge (42, 44) $225.00 each
XXLarge ( 46) $245.00 each

Here are the various colors that our leather is available in. Please note, however, that not all leather is available in all colors. If you do not see the leather color you wish to have listed for a particular product please call us to see if it is available.
NOTE: Colors may vay from the samples provided. If you have any questions reguarding color please call us!

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Can I order online?

Currently we do not have online ordering. This is primarily due to the nature of our products. We feel it is very important that we talk with you directly to give you the best service possible and to better give you the quality of product you are looking for.

Feel free to browse our "online catalog" and then call us at 352-372-4875 to place your order!

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